Movement of Changemakers  For Leadership &  Education Reformation.

Alumni Educators till  April 2022
Student Impacted From A.Y. 2020
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Vision Page

To Develop Each student in India as an Empathetic Professional Leader.

Mission Page
Visionary Mission

Revolutionize student learning experience at grassroot schools and communities in India. 

Area Of Impact

Systemic School Education Reformation

Community Engagement & Empowerment

Academic & Socio-Emotional Skilling

Problem Statement

  • 1) Lack of Quality Learning Resources

    2) Poor Student Learning Experience

    3) Absence of Skill-Based Student Learning & Outcomes

    4) Poor Community Engagement in the Educational Ecosystem.

#Disocover Organization

Culture in Action

Constructive and sustainable work is essential in social development for today's context, &  mentor educators of our organization believe in doing selfless work skillfully.

Every organization member has the mindset that if we contribute to each other's growth while working, we all can become a strong community.

Hence this organization works with excellent family culture, compassion, discipline, and high professionalism.

The organization promotes a culture of togetherness as the workspace is too diverse; that's why the organization's growth has been tremendous.

Why Movement ?

In 2022, India will hold almost 14,00,000 schools functioning for 26.5 crore students; most schools require more quality educational resources.

Through Shikshanaganga, we foster quality educational resources for grassroots school-level students; it can solve most developmental challenges.

Four things required for today's industry and society are

  • Professional with 21st-century skills
  • Exceptional leadership capabilities
  • Resilience in personal & professional life.
  • Empathetic & community service approach.

These are achievable by working collectively with child students, parents, school stakeholders & government system together.

Youth can act as a catalyst; we are operating with students from ages 4-16 because this is an excellent way to build conscious youth leaders while developing professional youth leaders parallelly.

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